Call the Shots

Welcome to the launch of Call the Shots. A collective for womxn working in Hospitality.

Coming very soon, Call the Shots is an online community that exists to support and celebrate all womxn working in the world of coffee or bartending.

Womxn are amazing assets to any coffee and bartending business, but we are still hugely underepresented, especially in the more lucrative and high profile positions.


Call the Shots has been born out of a need to level the playing field in these industries and create a framework that allows for more diversity and equal opportunites.


It is here to celebrate womxn at the top of their game, to show there are no limitations to career ambitions and pave the path for other womxn to excel in their own careers. 

Call the Shots Collective exists to better the lives and career opportunities of all womxn working in the coffee and bars industry.

Why you should join! 
Here are some of the benefits you'll get by becoming a member

  • A community that supports and showcases womxn in the coffee and bartending industries

  • Access to industry specific training and workshops. Either free through your membership or through additional funding

  • Access to excellent job opportunities, matched through our network of progressive and exciting businesses and organisations

  • Free to attend event days which will host talks and Q&As from inspirational womxn leaders, coffee/bartending skills workshops, and coffee and bartending competitions

  • Help raise your profile in the Industry

  • New career progression opportunities

  • Learn how to compete in any of the Coffee and Bartending categories in a womxn only league and gain skills to go on to compete in the UK and World competitions

  • Mentoring opportunities for those who want to start their own businesses

  • Weekly newsletter with latest news and inside industry insights and trends. Members are encouraged to submit articles and creative pieces to feature to help raise their profile and social media platforms

  • Regular Facebook (or similar) live Q&A sessions for members

  • Amazing networking opportunities

  • Being a part of a community that celebrates and inspires us all

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