No longer is it just acceptable for a business to exist purely to make a profit. It has to offer more. Customers are demanding it and so are your staff, and if I am not mistaken, as a business owner, so are you. You should be considering what your ethos is and what the culture is within your business. What do you want your business to say about you?
What makes us unique is our varied experience in all aspects of coffee service in the UK, Europe and North America. We understand the journey coffee goes on from bean to cup and have worked directly in all areas of service and delivery of coffee. From high-end hotel bar service, to your local independent high street café we can show you how to excel in your coffee service.
No matter what stage you’re at, there are multiple ways The Coffee Consultancy can support you. We work in a variety of different ways and tailor each project as needed.

Consultancy: Full-Service Partner

This option means we will be with you from initial planning and development stage, right through to your launch and beyond. We project manage all aspects of the pre-launch, with your approval at each stage.
After initial consultation to discover more about you and the desires of your business, we will support you throughout the entire journey, from conception to open.
To ensure you save time, money and grey hairs, our full-service package gives you peace of mind knowing that you have the expertise and support to ensure your launch is delivered on time, to budget and with a bang.
We will act as liaison between all suppliers and contractors, source all equipment, crockery, glass wear and all service items required via our approved and trusted industry partners. We will get you set up with fantastic coffee, food and beverage suppliers, ensuring you have high quality, high value and sustainable supplier partners. We will show you how to minimise waste and maximise profit, serve a damn fine cup of coffee with impeccable service in an environment that your customers will love.
We advise this type of project takes roughly 3-4 months and we will be available to you throughout this time, both on site and remotely.
Every project is bespoke and tailored to each client. We work collaboratively with you to bring your project to life - one that encapsulates your style and vision.
We’d love to talk to you about your upcoming project.

Consultancy: Long distance relationship

Maybe you’re a little further along in your journey? Or you have some experience in the industry already?
Or perhaps you are looking to expand your business and you could do with some additional support and a friendly expert ear to ensure you’re making the right decisions?
This level of service is perfect for those that don’t need our full-service option, but still want some level of support.
Working on a retainer basis, we will provide advice and guidance on equipment, suppliers, service style, menu development and anything in between.
In the months and weeks leading up to your launch we will be available to you remotely via email and video calls on a weekly basis. We will include two site visits per month to check in with any installations, the setting up of equipment, menu development and tastings, and staff training sessions.
After your launch we can continue to be available to you remotely at a level you feel is necessary for as long as you feel the need.
This option is especially useful if you are a growing business looking to expand to multiple sites. We help you project manage the new build, giving you the time and support to ensure your other sites continue to run properly.
Looking to take your business to the next level. Request an initial, free consultation to see how we can help.

Coffee Training and Standards

We also understand you may have everything under control and you’re almost ready to launch. Or you’ve already launched your business, but you feel the need to upskill and offer a higher quality of service.
Or perhaps you are still searching for your perfect coffee partner and need help getting that right.
Whatever the reason, staying on top of your coffee preparation and serving skills is of vital importance.
We love training and have extensive experience in this area. We provide specialist training in espresso extraction, milk and latte art as well as batch and hand brewing methods. We can teach on-site to individuals or small groups.
Good training is one essential part of your set up. Without a great product, you will fall behind your competitors. We work with some of the best, independent roasteries in the UK who could be just what you need to elevate your coffee standards.
Ready to up your coffee service?
Get in touch today to book a training session.

Why work with us?

We do so much more than just help you make a great cup of coffee. We are here to guide and support you in all areas of your coffee serving business. We understand starting a business is a big deal. There is so much to think about when starting and it can be of huge benefit to have someone in your corner who knows what is best for your business to ensure you make the right decisions.
We want you to be successful and make money, but we also want to ensure you make positive, informed decisions that ensure your business is sustainable as well as profitable.
We will work with you to ensure your ethos, culture and your ‘why’ are at the forefront of your business model, keeping you focused and excited about your new venture.
Working with us through all parts of this journey will give you additional time to focus on creating a sustainable, authentic and successful coffee business.


Thinking of opening a new coffee shop?

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Coffee Skills

Need to improve your coffee offering and increase sales? Email today to book an on-site training session for you and your team.

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