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Ultimate Christmas gift guide for the coffee lover in your life

The Holiday season is nearly upon, so I thought I'd put together my top gifts to make any coffee enthusiast happy. So, let's get started...

Festive Coffee

A lot of Specialty Coffee Roasters around the World are now curating and roasting coffees that highlight winter and festive flavour notes. Think boozy, think clementine, almonds and nuts, spices etc. Yes, you can certainly find all these flavours in coffees. If you are lucky to live near a specialty roaster or coffee shop, then head down and see what they have on offer. This is obviously great for supporting local businesses, but it is also reduces your carbon footprint. But if not, you can certainly shop to your hearts content online. Here are a few of my favourites:

Jericho Coffee Traders, Oxford

Horsham Coffee Roaster, Near Brighton

Plot Roasters, London

Beautiful books

I can think of no better book to gift someone who wants to learn more about coffee. It is beautifully researched and written by James Hoffmann and covers comprehensively, but accessibly, the whole journey for farm to cup. Plus, the cover is made from used coffee sacks, which is a brilliant touch.

With the rise and success of competitions such as Coffee in Good Spirits, coffee and alcohol has never been trendier. Thankfully, we have diversified greatly from the rough pub classics such as the Irish Coffee and Espresso Martini, but the joy of this book is that it shows you not only how to make sophisticated coffee cocktails, but also how to remake the classics... so they actually taste great. It all starts with great coffee, coupled with great spirits.

Taking the time to brew your own coffee can be part of a beautiful, morning ritual. Make sure to keep buying different, seasonal specialty coffees to keep your palate excited and your coffee knowledge growing. Here are my favourite hand-brew pieces of equipment:

Aeropress You invent a frisbee that can fly for miles. Where do you go after that? Oh, I know. This guy.

Hario V60 My personal favourite for a single cup brew. Named after the 60-degree angle of the cone, which has been scientifically proven to serve up optimum extraction. You can buy in glass, plastic, copper, metal and ceramic.


The most beautiful brewer going, in my opinion. Perfect brewing for multiple people as well as looking sexy on the table.

French Press

The classic and often overlooked. I love the Espro, as it has double-walled filters to keep much of the sediment from your cup, but most importantly, after plunging, it separates the coffee bed from the brewed coffee, stopping stewing. It also keeps things warm for ages.

You can't have great brewed coffee at home, without grinding freshly and evenly.

Hario Skerton

You'll have to earn your morning brew, but this provides consistent and even grinds, every time.

Wilfa Svart For the money, you won't find a better domestic electric grinder than this.

And finally, you can't enjoy all this beautiful, hand-brewed coffee at home, without an equally beautiful vessel to drink it from. I think ceramic is best.



I have no financial investment in any of these products and just wanted to share my genuine enthusiasm for these great products. I know they will make coffee drinkers happy, so I hope this list is helpful.

Merry Christmas!

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