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Opening a coffee shop is easy.
Running a successful coffee shop is hard.

The UK has a vibrant and exciting coffee industry, but to be successful you need to stand out for all the right reasons. It is no longer possible to get away with serving a bad cup of coffee with no thought about an all-round, positive customer experience – your clientele is too savvy now.

You need to know where to begin, what to serve, how to serve it, what to buy and who to sell to. You need to know how to prepare coffee properly, serve a menu that your customers want at a price they are willing to pay in an environment they want to visit.

Future success also depends on being as sustainable and ethical as possible, alongside dealing with the ever-changing retail and shopping habits of UK consumers and the uncertain future of our high street, as we know it. 

Coffee is the world’s favourite beverage

More than two billion cups of coffee are drunk every day

In 2019 the UK coffee market stood at £10.49 billion

20 years of consecutive growth and predicted to grow further over the next decade

The Coffee Consultancy is your

in-the-know Coffee Business Partner.


We have extensive experience of working in the UK’s coffee market. We have fantastic links within the industry and knowledge of all the latest trends and equipment. We know what it takes to be successful in this industry and we work with you to ensure that you know too.

We are also deeply passionate about our planet and our environment and sustainability is at the forefront of all decisions we make. We have partnered with like-minded individuals and businesses who also uphold these values.



Thinking of opening a new coffee shop?

Download our service guide today to understand how we can support you.

Coffee Skills

Need to improve your coffee offering and increase sales? Email today to book an on-site training session for you and your team.

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